The Ballet Department has been working under the responsibility of Mrs. Chloi Menokou Stavrou with absolute success since 1994. Since then, the School has had many performances, presentations for support for public purposes and other activities through the collaboration of the Ballet, Modern and Contemporary Dance sections with the participation of all her students.

The Royal Academy of Dance, the world-renowned Ballet System, is also undergoing, as well as RAD examinations every year. Students of the school are distinguished and excel in examinations, auditions and ballet performances and are studying at famous professional schools abroad.

Ballet benefits:

It reduces anxiety: It is a first-rate opportunity for relief from the pressure of the day through the creative activity of dance. Focusing on a ballet lesson with music, children’s attention focuses on the proper execution of the steps. This helps to get rid of many thoughts and the stress of everyday life. The movement of the body with the relaxing sound of music is also a form of relaxation and exiting from the routine of everyday life.

Helps dancers get muscles and physical fitness: Ballet is a great way to get good physical fitness. If anything your baby will get from ballet is thanks to her movements and flexibility, since this is also the central philosophy of ballet. It also helps the body stand correctly in everyday life.

It’s a good way to express your feelings: Ballet is an art through which dancers can externalize their emotions through expressions and cute moves. Skilful performance of dance steps under the sound of music is a way of emotional expression. Love is also developing for creation, elegance, and harmony.

It tones confidence: An important aspect of dance and generally artistic activities is the presentation in front of the audience. Dance in front of the audience, the ability to perform dance and graceful moves can help boost self-confidence and ability to achieve their goals. The more experience the dancers get on stage, the more self-confidence they get.

Offers flexibility and strength in the body: Classical dance is associated with increased strength and flexibility in the body. This is one of its biggest advantages.

Sections for children from 3 years of age and above, as well as for adults

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