Music Description

The Greek Odeon Archangelos was founded in 1994 by Georgia Thucydides, who has since held the General Directorate. The Conservatory operates in a new European-style building, featuring comfortable classrooms and a large concert hall and other artistic activities.

The aim of the Conservatory is to offer complete music and dance education through its long experience and dedication to the education of students.

The Music Department of the Archangel Conservatory and the FDC Dance School was founded by Ms. Georgia Thucydides and has been operating since 1994 under the name Greek Archangel Conservatory. In the Conservatory, a wide range of classical and modern instruments are taught, as well as Music Pre-School, Orchestra, and Music Theory lessons. All courses are taught by qualified teachers in comfortable rooms specially equipped for this purpose, always aiming at providing complete music education. It is our belief that music education is aimed at people of all ages while at the same time we recognize that each student has his / her own individual skills, so we make sure that the lesson is adapted to the requirements of each student. At the Archangelos Conservatory, our primary objective is that the lesson is a nice, comfortable and enjoyable experience for the student, where he will provide him with the musical knowledge and will help him reach the musical level he desires. The student soon finds out that he is a member of a large family where love and passion for music is

diffused, while cooperation, understanding and mutual respect are the ingredients that make us stand out. An important additional benefit for the students of the Odeon Archangel is that everyone has the opportunity to present themselves at the educational concerts organized by the Conservatory on a regular basis as well as at the official events of the Conservatory.

Artistic Director: George Aravidis – National Opera Conductor and Examiner of the Greek Conservatory of Athens

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