Musical Instruments

The Conservatory is taught a wide range of classical and modern instruments, as well as Music Stars, Little Stars Orchestra, Music Theater and Music Theory. More detailed information can be found in the table below:


Music education: in Greek or English, for children 3-8 years old

Little Orchestra Stars: Interactive orchestra lesson for children; -? years

Keyboard: classic piano, modern piano, accordion, accordion

Plucked: classic guitar, electric guitar, modern guitar, electric bass, bouzouki, baglamas, oud

Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass

Influent: flute, clarinet, saxophone, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tumbas, oboe, bassoon

Percussion: drums, congas, bongos, drums, turbot

Voice: classic song, modern song, orthophony, chorus, Byzantine music

Obligatory theoretical: theory, harmony, music history, morphology, solving

Upper Theoretical: vocal, special harmony, organizing, countering, fugue, composition

Seminars: piano, senior theoreticians and conducting choir – orchestra by Giorgos Arabidis

Traditional instruments: lyre and lute in Crete, mandolin (from an experienced Cretan artist)

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