Why choose HCA & FDC

Dear friends, with your choice to become a member of the large family of the Hellenic Conservatory of Archangelos, enter into a magical world where love and passion for music and dance is now a way of life. Every new student soon finds that our center of operation and attention is the student himself and his needs. Our slogan, “MUSIC AND DANCE … FOR ALL !!” since music-dancing education does not fit into stereotypes or other limitations.

At the Archangelos Conservatory every student is different and unique. For us, the student is not just another person, but a unique personality with a distinct psychosynthesis, and our mission is to travel him to the enchanting world of music and dance to reach the level he desires. In collaboration with the student, his guardians and the teacher, we recognize and identify the individual abilities and build on the individuality of each student. We firmly believe that each pupil’s diversity must be approached in the correct pedagogical way so that he / she is interested, loving and meditating in the lesson he / she chooses.

The quality, the ethos, the conscience, the ability of the pedagogical approach, but above all the passion of the teachers of the Archangelos Conservatory for music and dance makes our school stand out. Recognizing the key role a teacher plays in a pupil, especially of younger age, we have a permanent concern that our teaching staff should be not only of excellent knowledge but also of excellent character. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the teaching staff of the Archangel Conservatory is a large family where understanding, mutual respect and teamwork dominate. Proof of this, the fact that the majority of the teachers’ trunk is permanently stable, thus building a personal relationship and mutual understanding among our staff.

Adequate prerequisite for achieving our goals and your own goals is the availability of appropriate infrastructure and equipment. Students of the Hellenic Conservatory of Archangelos have the unique privilege of comfortable and properly equipped rooms, based on highly regarded standards, and with all the necessary safety precautions.

We are confident that the anthropocentric character of our Conservatory, combined with our passion and love for music and dance education, will delight you.

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